My first love is landscape photography that utilizes light to evoke drama.  To this day, it affects the look, feel, and soul of all my images. The love has since grown to include portraits, weddings, events, wildlife and endurance sports.  Each style requiring the same amount of patience, timing, and an understanding of the inherent nuances light presents.

My style is like Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Doisneau meet Clarence Sinclair Bull.  A photojournalistic approach to environmental portraiture which combines nature's dramatic landscapes or dynamic urban scenes as backdrops with the glamour of "The Golden Age of Hollywood".  My current inspirations are Moshe Zusman, Joe Buissink, and Jason Lanier.

I choose not to be restricted to a single type of photography.  I choose to keep learning and growing as a photographer.  Thus, my portfolio is constantly evolving.