Home for the Holidays

By Maria


It is always a special day when we get to photograph a hometown hero.  These boys are so proud of their dad and always beaming when interacting with mom.  There is so much love and respect in this family of four.

In partnership with HeartsApart.org, we were given the opportunity to photograph a hometown hero and his family.  This specific portrait shoot was even more special when we found out that the serviceman we were about to photograph will be deployed some time after the holidays.  We hope that in the brief moment that we spent with them, we were able to give them memories that last a lifetime.  There is no one more deserving of a complimentary portrait session than our servicemen and women that sacrifice so much to protect our freedom.


For privacy purposes, we chose images that do not disclose the serviceman’s name.  On some of the images, we chose to scrub off the name of the serviceman.

Go to HeartsApart.org to learn more.  Below is an excerpt of HeartsApart.org's mission.

“HeartsApart.org was created to keep families connected while our military men and women are serving abroad. Through the efforts of our community's finest photographers, HeartsApart.org provides our soon to be deployed servicemen and women with pictures of their spouses and children. The photographs are printed on waterproof and durable bi-folded cards, which fit securely in their uniform pocket. HeartsApart.org believes that our military personnel deserve and need the memory of their families to carry them through the difficult times that lie ahead."

Let Me Help You Sell Your House

I was supposed to have a Time For Image (TFI) photoshoot with a model from Craigslist.  She (or maybe even he?) wanted to build their portfolio with environmental nature portraits.  It never materialized.  So I executed Plan B.  This is my first attempt at real estate photography.

A co-worker of mine had not had much success selling her house.  She showed me the pictures posted on Zillow.  THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with the photos posted by the previous photographer(s).  However, to ensure that she gets her asking price and sell the home as soon as possible, we decided to stage the house and do a photoshoot to have it appeal to a wider audience.

I applied my interests and background in architecture, Feng Shui, and photography.  We moved furniture just inches from their original position, changed color palettes, and of course used off camera flash photography.  She was amazed what this photographer and a little staging can do to change the look and feel of her house.  We had so much fun, We did not realize that it took us 6 hours.  Time flies when you're having fun.

Check out her house at 47 Ray Dwier Drive, Hamilton, NJ.  This may be the home you're looking for.